Contact Info

Address:    Juhana Kallio , Postintie(road) 3 19770 Valittula(village), Sysmä(commune)., 358-(0)40-7206295.

About Me:

I have inherited the Luvattula place and land from my parents in third generation. I am living in my roots for more than thirty years now. In former times I studied in the University Of Technology and University Of Industrial Arts. I am self-taught concerning forestry, agriculture, carpentering and wood processing. One of my hobby is singing …keen on also philosophy, neurosciences and zen.

Public Transport:

From Helsinki Bus Station several Onni-Busses  through Lahti City, Heinola, and passing Hartola. From there people can be fetched by car .  Nearby in Valittula village on the right side of the crossing road there is a crossroad for ”Postintie” village road to walk still 50 m to the destination. The red complex of buildings. There are even more bus lines to Jyväskylä direction which pass Hartola Commune and stop at gasoline-bus-station called ”Jari-Pekka”. From there on can be arranged a transport to Luvattula.

 Local Info:

The accommodation is basic with mattresses on the floor and eco-toilets plus one water-toilet in the new house with  shower and sauna as well. However,  in the summer time it’s also nice to bath in the lake which is 700 metres from the main buildings. Especially people who value nature and ecological materials find it though somewhat quite relaxing and heart-warming.  The accommodation is shared in the public happenings so that there shall be 2 in the same room and 4 people in the big room/hall downstairs. In short  Luvattula is located in one of those nature-beautiful regions of Finland called ”Lake-Finland” in a commune called Sysmä and a village called Valittula. The place is a collection of three separate households which share garden, saunas and washing facilities. One modern house is connected with glass-corridor to the older two-storey one former village-market. As an  owner of the place I  have renovated the old building where the accommodation and meditation hall is during the last decade in a traditional way. The building is made of logs (Finnish tradition) and there has been used recycled materials and ecological building methods in renovating whenever possible. There are still some new ”corners” to be renovated even in the old building still…


The place has served as some kind of community with the values of ecological lifestyle and I hope that it to be a community in the future as well but the final form is yet to be clarified.  There has been in past two decades for example students making their thesis and artists living there as lodgers and also group activities have taken place – for example the shiatsu and meditation retreat in 2013. It’s usually possible to agree with  a good deal to stay in Luvattula in return to offering works services in areas like renovation, garden work. And  not to forget evergreen fiestas at mid-summer-festival and new year’s eve!


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