We are having a week-end informally called ”Woman’s touch” in Luvattula in May 17th and 18th when we shall gather with some women, children and possibly some men to do some garden work and give some female touch to the accommodation facilities as well. Juhana prepares some meals and women give the place a little bit of female touch :).

Finnish people are mainly used to loos as they are common in summer cottages but the detail is worthwhile to mention to people, especially foreigners so they can prepare themselves mentally if needed :). But there are  a lot of spaces all around to spend time and relax.

There will be prepared also some outdoor activities like burning the huge pile of dusty wood and old wooden garbage. There are still some residues of the past fire in the main house. The idea would be to plant after burning flowers and sew flower seeds to blossom there. Probably the soil is not proper for domestic vegetation.




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