The Photography of Being

16-22 July

A retreat about creating a sense of presence through meditation and Qi Kung and bringing that into relationship with the world around us through the medium of photography. There will be no technical photography teaching with the emphasis instead on what Zen Buddhism calls Whole Mind Body Seeing. Suitable for all levels of photography experience and all cameras though digital would be preferable so we can view each others work. The meditation will be focused around Mindfulness and Just Sitting and will be suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience.We will have some periods of silence during the retreat to deepen the natural presence that meditation and Qi Kung create.

The teachers:

Amoghavira is one of the teachers at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre in the highlands of Scotland and runs retreats there every year on photography and meditation. He has been a practicing Buddhism for 30 years.

Diana Barnard is a Craniosacral and Shiatsu practitoner and a teacher of Qi Gong.

Diana has been practicing Buddhism for 20 years and has run Shiatsu and Meditation retreats and classes in the UK for 18 years. On this retreat she will teach simple Qi Gong movements each day and also offer some gentle bodywork sessions. This will help retreatants to deepen into their physical experience, relax and open the body – this will support our sitting meditation and our awareness and ability to be present with ”whatever arises”.

Price: 300 eur + donations to teachers according to buddhist traditions. 

More information + registration:, tel. 358-456503795 .



Diana Barnard


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